YouTube wants to dethrone TikTok by offering ad revenue to influencers

Youtube announced on Tuesday, September 20, that it would integrate ads into Shorts, its short-form video platform, and that it would share 45% of revenue with creators. With this announcement, the platformAlphabet plan to exceed tik tok, its great rival in the market for videos of less than 60 seconds, which does not yet offer this possibility. Are we going to see a race to the Shorts platform, in the context of an increasingly costly battle between social networks? wonders FortuneFriday September 23.

For video creators and influencers contacted by our colleagues, not necessarily. They are delighted with this new potential financial windfall that does not exist on the ByteDance platform. TikTok does not offer any significant financial compensation to creators whose videos go viral, even if they reach millions of views. But for now, influencers are waiting to find out more before changing their habits. Because creators often post their videos on different platforms to maximize their visibility and revenue. The choice of the first platform on which your content will be published is a very strategic issue, which will have consequences on sponsorship contracts and the number of views.

Therefore, the creators hope to have answers to your many questions. How much will they really get? The video will have to be published first (…)

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