the purchasing center for small merchants

What if after decades of globalization, the future lies in local consumption? The health crisis has revived the debate on Europe’s industrial dependence. For their part, citizens are increasingly turning to convenience stores and brands.

SMEs and independent merchants can count on Ankorstore to meet the challenge of the distribution giants and electronic commerce. Like Meetic, the parisian startup Play matchmaker and promote reunions and marriages! “We allow small companies to compete with large companies thanks to our size and our technological tools”, summarizes Nicolas d’Audiffret, co-founder and CEO of the market.

The entrepreneur is at the origin of A Little Market, a marketplace dedicated to handmade or homemade products, launched in 2008 and sold for 100 million dollars six years later to Etsy, the US heavyweight in the sector. He is familiar with the problems of independent and artisan manufacturers. And its difficulties. Ankorstore takes care of “everything that complicates the lives of retailers and SMEs” by offering producers integrated billing and inventory management solutions.

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Ankorstore also directs retailers towards innovative and differentiating products. “We select independent European brands, 40% of which are based in France, and we promote local production. With us, there are no Made in China items or merchandise present in supermarkets,” says Nicolas d’Audiffret. Independent businesses can also refer new brands without risk since the minimum order is set at 100 euros, much less than in Click here to read more

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