The million tests in a week were crossed again, authorities warn

The Ministry of Health published figures on Thursday on the number of tests for Covid-19 that reached a new milestone last week with a new milestone. Data that would predict an eighth epidemic wave.

The number of screening tests for COVID-19 “It crossed again” one million last week, according to figures published this Thursday by the Ministry of Health, which attest to the beginning of an eighth epidemic wave. The recovery is clear: with 1,132,300 PCR and antigen tests validated between September 12 and 18, screening activity grows “strongly” by 33% compared to the previous week, indicates the statistics department (Drees) in Press release.

This barometer of the health crisis thus exceeds the symbolic threshold of one million for the first time in six weeks, after having reached its lowest levels in two years in August.

Young people under 16 especially affected

The rebound is particularly strong among young people under 16, whose number of tests almost doubled (+97%) last week. This tends to confirm that the observed increase in pollution is “primarily driven” by this age group, as Public Health France noted in its latest weekly update.

Children and adults combined, the daily number of positive cases has almost doubled in two weeks and is now over 30,000 (on average over 7 days). “Objectively there is an increase in cases, especially among young people”, acknowledges the director general of health (DGS) Jérôme Salomon, in an excerpt from the magazine “Complement of research” to be broadcast Thursday night on France 2, but already posted on the franceinfo site.

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