Tarn: self-service unit and lockers for 40 Tarn producers

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Some forty associated producers from the Tarn have opened a free access location in Albi to deliver by car or offer their products in self-service at connected lockers.

The new shed looks great, opposite the entrance to the Chamber of Agriculture at 96 rue des Agriculteurs. Opened in June, opened on Friday, it is freely accessible 7 days a week from 6 am to midnight.

The principle is simple, in the air-conditioned room, 112 glass cabinets, refrigerated according to the products (0° to 4° for the cold zone), contain one or more local products. One part contains the orders placed on the Internet platform www.drivefermiertern.fr, with secure payment.

The consumer receives a code that allows him to open the locker where his order is. But you can also choose directly, at the cabanon, your local products in self-service, with in the dedicated lockers, a wide variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables, meat and poultry, cheeses and cold cuts, dairy products, preserves and dry goods. (oils, flours, honey…).

In this case, payment is made on the site by credit card, to activate the opening of the box office(s) in question for this choice. The cabanon is located near the city bus stops (lines G and R, École des Mines stops, Parking Milliassole), an exit of the ring road, and you can park right in front without wasting time at the chosen time.

Some forty Tarn producers, united in the “La ferme tarnaise sur votre table” association, have launched this initiative in line with the farmers’ campaign established during the Covid crisis. “It is an association of producers for producers,” insists Ludovic Marlot, a milk producer in Fréjairolles and president of Farm Tarnaise.

” Collective intelligence “

The investment of the producers’ association is significant, €100,000 for the refrigerated warehouse, of which somewhat less than 50% was financed by the state through the France Relance plan, and by the department.

The rest ? “Bank loans that must be repaid” sums up Ludovic Marlot, optimistic about this innovation. “We have to sell 200 lockers on average per week. This is double the set of lockers in the module. We are not far. It is new and we have to make ourselves known”, adds the producer of the Tarn.

The association has hired Anaïs to restock the Albi shed lockers, prepare the orders in the old Albi central kitchen and deliver the baskets to the other three collection points: the Labruguière town hall for Castrais, the Croix de Mille station service for Carmausin and the winemaker Pelissou in Brens for Gaillacois. An additional investment but one that saves producers the prolonged presence in the markets while eliminating intermediaries between producer and consumer.

“A test of collective intelligence”, greets Christophe Ramond, president of the Tarn department.
“It depends on the consumers that there are more lockers like these in the Tarn”, added François-Xavier Lauch, present on Friday at the opening.

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