Seduce an octogenarian during a cruise before stripping her naked

the scams love affairs are commonplace and often begin in the social networks. But in this story, told by the tregorWednesday September 21, the meeting took place during a cruise. And in the end, the seducer would have defrauded his victim, an octogenarian, of about 300,000 euros. Investigators have struggled to trace the thread of this scam, which began last year with the death of an 82-year-old woman. Her relatives then discover that she lived in a very small apartment, frugally, and no longer in her opulent house. They then learn that the old woman had sold all of her possessions and that the proceeds of these sales had evaporated into nature. Intrigued, the investigators tried to understand where this money had gone.

It was only after several months that they managed to put the pieces of this mystery together. The octogenarian had met, during a cruise in 2018, a man in his fifties, with whom she had started a relationship that our colleagues describe as platonic, and mainly by phone. During her “idyll”, the Breton would have offered her many expensive gifts, in addition to money. The 50-year-old man would have received two watches worth almost 50,000 euros. In total, the investigators have 300,000 euros that would have gone into the pockets of the seducer. The victim’s family allegedly tried to dissuade her from continuing this relationship. However, the police finally found the man (…)

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