Macron wants to “pull out the sick tooth” and will break Berger’s jaw tackle

When Emmanuel mentions the extraction of the diseased tooth of retirement, Laurent Berger predicts a crowd that will show their teeth… Find also in the indiscretions of the week, Olivier Véran and Agnès Pannier-Runacher, Guillaume Kasbarian, François Patriat, Patrick Mignola , Olivier Summer…

Retirement: Macron’s diseased tooth and Berger’s broken jaw

In Marcoussis (Essonne), during the first meeting of the National Refoundation Council, Emmanuel Macron arranged to have lunch with him to talk about pensions. “This sick tooth must be extracted”, launched the President of the Republic. “The whole jaw comes with it,” replied the tit-for-tat unionist. The only certainty: he will bleed.

Heating up to the neck and beyond

Self-criticism of a minister on: “We thought it was just about polar bears or the Amazon Indians. And there, this summer, we finally understood that we were in the m… up to our necks, and even beyond!

An Elysian press paraded by the president

The representatives of the presidential press did not like to wait more than an hour and a half for Emmanuel Macron, who wanted to half talk to this circle, in particular about the pension reform. He was asked to “give brief answers to questions put to him”. But he ignored it.

Reckoning between Véran and Pannier-Runacher

Delegate Minister in charge of Democratic Renewal and government spokesperson, in times of Covid (beyond the waves, ed. Robert Laffont). The opportunity to settle accounts, in particular with Agnès Pannier-Runacher, then head of Industry, for her “lack of cooperation”. Above all, she criticizes the current Minister for the Energy Transition for having fed quotes and anecdotes to Marc Payet, author of a pamphlet entitled The Ministry of Broken Arms (ed. Albin Michel).

To get through the winter, at least keep the French informed

The chairman of the Economic Affairs Committee, Deputy Guillaume Kasbarian, who welcomes all the players in energy production and distribution, “to face the approaching winter”, is a man on edge. When the wind blows, “we will have to be prepared, and therefore not embellish or panic[…]


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