“It shows us what separates us from the Stade Toulousain”

Beaten in Toulouse (37-10), Racing 92 coach Laurent Travers hopes his players, especially the younger ones, will learn from a game in which they were much less realistic than their rivals.

Laurent Travers (Director of Racing 92 after the defeat against Toulouse Stadium): “We remember the defeat. It shows us what separates us from the Stade Toulousain tonight. They have highlights and score, and we have highlights and don’t score. Clever. In general, however, we play as much or even more during certain periods. We break the line but we don’t score, they break the line they score and period. Pragmatism, realism and success. I hope that some of our young players will use this game in the future. Today, Stade Toulousain was more efficient and better than us, congratulations to him. He deserves his victory. I find that the behavior of my players was better than in Bayonne. There was investment, desire, I am convinced that if we put as much intensity in the next meetings being more precise in certain areas, we will achieve it for the future. »

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Laurent Thuéry (Toulouse defense coach): “We always have the Pau match in the back of our minds, but tonight of course we are delighted with this victory, the style and the bonus. We don’t necessarily think about it, but we’re happy to have it. It comes to crown a good performance with many inaccuracies, of course, but with enthusiasm, generosity, panache, sometimes a little too much on certain balls. But we had the merit of trying things out and putting in a lot of energy. We were pretty consistent defensively and with the ball we were able to make progress, especially around the rucks, and we finished the action. In terms of discipline, we stayed at 15, so it’s still not bad. In general, it is good, especially for the confidence of the group. Ange Capuozzo’s interception hurt them a lot. We are delighted, but we are aware of the progress that remains to be made. »

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