“I didn’t understand Laurent Ruquier’s choice to leave ‘We are live'”

INTERVIEW – The RTL comedian will play a major role in the new show “Quelle époque!” used by Léa Salamé in France 2.

Slow but safe, Philippe Caveriviere It is gaining more and more space on television. His daily morning column RTL now airing daily at 1:20pm on M6 and the comedian will be more present in the new edition of Lea Salame nicknamed “What was it!” which begins this Saturday, September 24 on France 2 at 23:25 He talks about this new challenge.

TELEVISION MAGAZINE. – What do you think of this new adventure?
Philippe CAVERIVIÈRE. – On “We’re Live,” I did a seven-minute column. This time they asked me to come a second time. My intervention in “What a time!” It will therefore be in two parts: one will be political and the other will be more “a mixed bag” with social issues, international, sports, people… Perhaps I will also recover from the political guest comments as I sometimes do on RTL.

What does it mean to you to be more popular?
There are many people I looked up to on Saturday night like Florence Foresti, jonathan lamberto, Nicholas Bedos Where Laurent Baffie. I liked this painting, I was happy to have a date with the girl or the guy who was talking nonsense, so I tell myself that it’s great to have this role today. I have an appointment arranged and maybe there are people who like it… I have had good comments although, on social networks, I continue to navigate between very diverse reactions from people. It goes from “You are the new Desproges” a “You are a big shit, please drop everything!»…

“In the beginning we are bad, they lock us up. (…) We say to ourselves, what the hell am I doing here? »

Philippe Caveriviere

What do you like about the exercise of television compared to that of the radio?
I love the flexibility, immediacy and imagination of radio. TV breaks the imagination a bit, so I find the exercise more difficult, but I like the challenge! I tell myself : “ You were bad the first year, average the second, you can be average plus the third “. At first it’s horrible, we’re bad, they lock us up. I had Jeanne Cherhal fall asleep during my column saying just before “ it’s bullshit “. We tell ourselves” What the hell am I doing here?“. I’ve thought about it many times. Now, and I feel it on RTL, even when the guest doesn’t laugh, I have a little relationship with the listener that makes them laugh. I feel anxiety and stress before my columns but even more so on television. There is always a bit of excitement…

Philippe Caverivière officiates every morning on RTL morning with his column “L’œil de Caverivière”. Lionel GUERICOLAS / AGENCY 1827 / RTL

How did you get to the small screen?
laurent ruquier called me after hearing me on RTL with Philip Geluck. I arrived at the station for Tomas Sotto. At first, she had absolutely no desire to do radio. He did a show in Saint-Raphaël for theLeo Association of which I am godfather and Thomas came to co-host the evening. When I left he told me: You’re not bad on the mic, come with me I told myself I was going to be fired after three reviews but, as Thomas had done me a favor by coming to the show, I couldn’t tell him no. That didn’t appeal to me though, I was way behind. And then when you have live laughter and people tell you that they like it and that it’s a date for them, it’s fun. I try to be between humor and tenderness but above all sincere.

“I think that Léa Salamé knows me a little and that she knows that I am more complex than the great redneck who sometimes says horrors”.

Philippe Caveriviere

In “What time!”, you meet Léa Salamé, what connection do you two have?
I love female laughs because they are louder, sunnier and more generous. And she has that! She takes things kindly. I think she knows me a little bit and she knows I’m more complex than the big redneck who sometimes says horrible things. And, when I get to the set, there’s this thing, which I also saw on the radio, of “ here is the other scam but which is a compliment and means that, for five minutes, we will put our brains aside and ponder a difficult subject. Therefore, I feel welcome and happy to continue this adventure together, even if it was Laurent Ruquier who opened the doors of television for me. Usually we launch a young man. He chose to release an old one that was quite original (laughs).

Did you understand his decision to leave the show?
No, because it was going well. There was never any tension. After fifteen years of weekends, it’s hard to put an end to it. But she has so many plans… Maybe she wanted to break the routine? It seemed to me that it went wonderfully well and that there was a synergy of co-presentation and rhythm between Léa and him.

It’s going to be a new era with Christophe Dechavanne, did you know him?
Not at all, but I’ve always been a fan of Christophe Dechavanne. When she came out on TV, we wondered “ who is this idiot “. He did anything and had a small side Pierre-Richard, Louis de Funes Where Fallon Jimmy. He broke the television codes by being silly. I also like the fact that he has always been involved in battles: against AIDS, against racism… We feel a big heart. The other day, on the set of the pilot, I said to myself “ you are next to Christophe Dechavanne… “. I’m still a viewer at heart.

What can you bring?
In the pilot, he had done a lot of work on his subjects and was extremely involved while making some great jokes. That’s what I liked about him and that’s what I found.

The program is a challenge for Léa Salamé, what are her qualities to lead this program?
He is a person who likes challenges. There is a freshness about her, she doesn’t have the side to think straight, to give lessons. She knows how to fool around. She is also smart and sensitive. When I told her about my association, she had tears in her eyes, I saw her sincerity. She is a woman of character who has authority, weight in questions and legitimacy from her. she wrote the book powerfull women (Ed. Les Arènes) but it is one of them. During the pilot, she was a perfect starship captain.

A word about the “Léo” association that works in the fight against pediatric cancers and of which you are a sponsor…
Léo is the first name of a teenager from Saint-Raphaël who left in 2017. During his illness, I tried to take his file to Paris. He also wanted to talk to Mike Horn and I did my best to get him to. I asked Michaël Youn, who told me he was the least contactable guy in the world, and finally got to talk to him on the phone. After he left, his mother asked me to be the godfather of his association. I accepted while she told him that no one knew me. The craziest thing is that the show I organized for the association took me to RTL and then to France 2. So without the association, I wouldn’t be here at all! Now that I’m more exposed, there are people at the events, it takes on another dimension and it’s very nice.

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