How to equip your condo with electrical terminals

The acceleration of the electric car in the city is pushing private buildings to new installations in their car parks. An approach that must be taken methodically.

increase in , deployment of in most major cities (most recent, from 1Ahem September), … there are many reasons to convince drivers to go electric. But you still need to be able to recharge your vehicle. Therefore, the condominiums will need to be equipped. Whether it is a closed or open car park, with connection work and installation of a dedicated meter included, it is better to be patient and methodical. “The current problem is time, it takes 6 to 12 months to equip a condominium,” warns Benjamin Gauzi, director of condominiums at White Bird, a start-up specializing in property management.

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First step, a discussion between co-owners will allow a decision to be made to vote at the general meeting. There are two solutions, according to Laurent Sirieix, president of Ista, a company for the management and individualization of water and energy consumption in collective housing that has signed an alliance with Qovoltis, a specialist in recharging electric vehicles, to deploy solutions with neighborhood communities: ” Either it is the right to plug, where everyone opts for an individual installation, or the condominium decides to install a collective infrastructure in which everyone will then place a charging station, this second solution is preferable, because it allows to better calibrate and secure the installation. “

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Then you have to compare the different rates and subscription formulas, knowing that for the installation there are various state aids (bonuses and tax credit) and sometimes local authorities. The amount of the bonus amounts to 50% of the amount (excluding taxes) of the installation of the collective infrastructure (excluding the installation of terminals), cumulative with the Advenir bonuses for “individual charging point” and “shared charging point”. “. Namely: depending on the formulas offered by the operators, the installation can be free (as is the case with fiber in telecommunications).[…]


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