GTA 6 leak: leaks, worst scourge of the video game industry? The implications for developers…

game news GTA 6 leak: leaks, worst scourge of the video game industry? The implications for developers…

The GTA 6 leaks have sparked strong reactions on Twitter from developers in general. The latter shared their opinions and views on the situation, a view that we tend to forget. And yet, in this story, it is undoubtedly the one that should prevail since the consequences are great for them.

It’s no secret: Rockstar Games was hacked. The author of this misdeed, actively soughtdecided to publish on the Internet no less than 90 videos of working versions of Grand Theft Auto VI and threat do more if an agreement is not found quickly. We are talking here about the source codes of Grand Theft Auto V and VI, which, if revealed, would not only change the fate of Rockstar but that of the entire industry.


  • Why are leaks painful for developers?
  • Crunch and working conditions
  • Postponement, cancellation… Consequences for the game itself

Why are leaks painful for developers?

Many of them said they had no qualms or emotions for a big company like Rockstar/Take-Two. Too bad about the leaks, these giants will bounce back, won’t they? But these people forget a small detail: it is not the big fish who are directly affected by this type of business. They may earn a little less in dividends or have to manage a crisis situation, but it’s the developers who will really suffer the consequences of these leaks, whether it’s for GTA VI or everyone else. And for a very simple reason: these games are their babies.

A leak is first and foremost stolen information and/or data. These are the result of the work of tens, hundreds or even thousands of people over months or even years. In the case of GTA VI, the developers have been secretly working on the game for at least five years. Seeing him released in freedom, which is not in the best conditions, is something to sadden (or annoy, as you prefer). Just look at the developers’ reactions to each leak on Twitter: it hurts! Especially since the announcement spoils both the developers and the players who lose the element of surprise.

It’s like you show up with a couple of friends and you see a piece of paper on the hospital table that says they’re having a baby and the sex of the baby and you start tweeting to everyone {…} You just took this pleasure away from them. …

Video game industry veteran Aymar Azaïzia on PlayStation Inside

GTA 6 leak: leaks, worst scourge of the video game industry?  The implications for developers...

With this recent issue, the developers’ voice on this issue has become louder than usual. So much so that some knowingly refused to speak out and spread the leaks, while others reconsidered their decision to do so. It must be said that the GTA VI leak is of such magnitude that it managed to arouse some empathy, just like the last of us part 2 at the time who had the right to shout to protect the history and the surprise of the game. It is a good start, except that this preferential treatment is only granted to a privileged gang and therefore also poses a problem.

Few find anything to complain about in the Jason Schreier leaks (who still has the grace to discuss with studios before publishing anything) or the traditional leaks about the next Assassin’s Creed. While this may seem less important and devastating than larger leaks, it’s no less painful for developers. Just imagine. Seeing your game leaked everywhere on the Internet is no longer a pleasant thing, but when you are also one of those whose leaks are “acceptable” it is even more difficult to accept. Especially since the blow is both mental and physical with concrete consequences on working conditions.

The side that hurts us {…} is saying to ourselves “we and everyone else before us, are we shit?!” {…} I don’t know if you realize how the developers feel, the way they treat them, how they feel like they’re being disrespected because “you know what, the developers deserve our respect and so do the others.” ”

Aymar Azaïzia at TheSharePlayers (reacting to the “special treatment” in The Last of Us Part II in particular)

Crunch and working conditions

Yes, leaks have real consequences on the working conditions of developers. Because whoever says escape, first says security breach. To prevent this from happening again, we are tightening the rules a bit more. Telecommuting, so loved by everyone today, is therefore limited and freedoms even more restricted. Nowadays, when working on a game or testing (QA), it’s not uncommon to have to leave your phone at the entrance or go through a security gate to check that you can’t send information via a USB key, for instance. There is a whole protocol to follow, more or less important depending on the study. And of course the latter is bound to harden after such events.

In the case of GTA VI, it should be noted that Rockstar Games had also been singled out for its operating conditions. Adding to the crisis, the security rules at Rockstar Lincoln in particular were particularly abusive. The last thing I knew, working conditions in the studio were moving in the right direction. But so much to say that with these leaks there is a risk of imposing a return to the past.

In fact, many games, after being leaked, are heavily reworked. This means many hours of overtime, potential crisis and all done in a deleterious atmosphere. Because when information is leaked from the inside, this of course affects the trust that reigns in a team and in all those who gravitate around the leaked game. Who is the mole? Where she comes from ? Developer? Journalist ? Seller? Suspicion is in order and deteriorates working conditions, but also trust and communication between the different layers of the industry (the different development sections within a studio, press, marketing, etc.). If leaks do so much on the developer side, it’s because they add additional pressure and potentially dire consequences to the game’s release.

Postponement, cancellation… Consequences for the game itself

Let’s take the case of GTA VI again. The videos that have been revealed are of work versions absolutely not dedicated to work, some dating back to 2017. This does not at all represent what the final title will be. However, that hasn’t stopped the players from yelling fouls and “ugly game”. Ignorance of the different phases of development of a game added to an uncontrolled leak, is like endangering a game that has not yet been officially announced. This has already had an impact on the company’s stock price and could have an impact on sales when the game launches. Add to that the inability to make an announcement that really makes an impression after such a leak and you get a long-awaited game that still comes out with a significant handicap. And this is rarely an advantage for players.

GTA 6 leak: leaks, worst scourge of the video game industry?  The implications for developers...

In the face of major leaks, the studios have already decided to completely change their strategy. half life 2 it had been like this delayedwhile Nintendo had simply chosen to cancel his project to adapt the Zelda saga into a Netflix series when the latter had been leaked. As for GTA 6, please note that although the game’s source code was leaked, surely it will be considered a postponement. The consequences are therefore very real and that is why it was important, in this context, to talk about everything that leaks entail in general.

Loving video games is also loving those who play them. For them, leaks are disrespectful and must be taken into account. Everyone is then free to make their own decisions: respect the wishes of the developers, believe that everyone who wants to has the right to know what has been leaked and what has become. complete information or even try to find their place in some way by finding a balance between the two. The situation is not Manichaean, far from it, but it is important to have the elements at hand to act in any case and understand that we all have a role to play in the relationship between the world of video games and leaks.

I thought that there is already a large majority of people who participate in the system and that there is already a large part of the people who don’t give up on compte du mal qu’ils font et de l’importance qu’ils donnent à some things .

GaGzZz (WolfEye Studios) at TheSharePlayers

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