Ezviz HB8 2K+ Review: A battery-powered outdoor camera with almost no compromises

The HB8 2K+ incorporates a 4 megapixel sensor that allows you to record up to 2560 x 1440 pixels. Because it’s motorized, Ezviz probably found it less helpful to offer an ultra-wide lens as an add-on. The chosen one still offers a 100° diagonal field of view, still less than the 116° of the BC1C 2K+, for example. On the other hand, it offers slightly closer shots, with less deformation, while its motor allows it to rotate 340°.

In addition, the new Ezviz camera offers night vision in black and white thanks to infrared LEDs, but also in color thanks to a projector. The app lets you switch from one to the other, and also offers lower definitions as well as color profiles for higher or lower saturation. On the other hand, there is no HDR mode on the horizon.

To illustrate the image quality of the Ezviz HB8 2K+, we decided to pit it against another battery-powered camera that has already proven its worth in our lab, namely the Nest Cam (battery) from Google, comparing the records of the two models.

At daytime

Between its 4 megapixel sensor and its great treatment of contours and contrast, the Ezviz camera seems to offer much richer images than its rival. However, looking at the Nest Cam images a bit more closely, we see that the level of detail is slightly higher, despite its “only” 2-megapixel sensor. Its less aggressive treatment allows it to better preserve the finest elements, to the detriment of colorimetry, of course. In use, however, the difference is tenuous and the two cameras allow you to recognize someone quite easily.

Google Nest Cam (battery)

Ezviz HB8 2K+

At night

When the lights go out, the HB8 2K+ requires 3 seconds to activate its night vision. That’s a second faster than the Nest Cam, while still being relatively fast. Image quality remains near infrared, but the advantage goes to the Ezviz camera side: it manages to capture a bit more detail, despite its better-than-average handling of reflections.

Google Nest Cam (battery)

Ezviz HB8 2K+

It also has the advantage of being able to deliver color images at night thanks to its integrated projector, thus offering additional clues to identify someone. If we sometimes see a gain in detail as a bonus, as was the case with theArgus 3 Pro of Reolink or the BC1C in Ezviz, it is not so obvious with this HB8 2K+ with a very efficient infrared vision, except of course for the red elements.

black and white night vision

color night vision

Activating the headlights had little impact on our night ID test: in both cases we were able to recognize a face up to about 4.50 meters from the camera. A very good result that places it right in front of the Google camera, which in turn allowed us to identify a face up to 4 meters away.

The Ezviz HB8 2K+ is also very effective at detecting activity as, like the Nest Cam, it took us to the limits of our lab: 10m long now, up from 9m previously. It should be noted, however, that it was slightly less effective with its infrared vision in this exercise, only pinpointing our movements from 8 meters away, even though the PIR sensor reacted well to movements further afield. Activating or not activating human form detection did not change these results.

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